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The "Professional Web Hosting" Plans let you discover a superior hosting experience. All Professional Plans ensure reliable operations of your Domains, Emails, Websites, Scripts and Internet projects in a modern and amazing fast way. Select the Web Hosting Plan which suit your needs and get a complete package loaded with state-of-the-art features and professional functions, including top-level-domains and the Control Panel of your choice.


...get State-of-the-Art Technology for perfect Internet operation 


With the Professional Web Hosting Plans you can choose the Control Panel which you prefer. We provide hosting support with cPanel, Confixx, Plesk and many other industry leading management surfaces. The browser based interface makes it easy and intuitive even for inexperienced end users to perform typical administrative tasks independently. With a few clicks it is possible to set up Email Forwarders and Mailboxes, add new Domains and Subdomains, create MySQL Databases, Cron-Jobs, FTP Accounts, Custom Error Pages and Password Protection to folders. With WebMail you can send and receive your emails wherever you are and with WebFTP you can access, upload and download files directly without further installation or additional software requirements. We operate secure servers and provide highest standards for security measures against virus infection, spamming and attackers. We support also full access to detailed statistics and backup & restore functions for every account. 


Subscribe to the most reliable way of modern Web Hosting integrated with comfortable management options, comprehensive resources and fully setup "out of the box" features for a direct start.


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(starting from € 2.41 per month²)             




Easy Webspace


Transfer Service

Are you interested in simplicity? With our cloud based hosting solution you can get scalable webspace for every purpose. Stay flexible with the exact features and functions you need ...


You would like to move your data, domains, emails and databases to another host? We are here to help! Sit back and let us do the move for you, fast and professionally ...


Cloud Web Hosting


Data Transfer Service



International Domain Registration

Reserve a domain name today and give your business a distinct Web address. All extensions available! Grab a great domain before someone else does! Make yourself or business memorable with a domain for as low as never before ...


Domain Registration



Cloud Storage Solutions

Having your data stored offsite in the cloud makes it accessible from anywhere without the hassle of maintaining your own local storage and file-serving systems. It makes all the difference in a disaster, too. Our cloud storage solutions are ranging from Cloud Web Hosting, Cloud Remote Backup, Cloud File Disk and many other cloud products more ...


► Cloud Solutions


*All unlimited features are subject to the Fair-Use Policy and come with more technical features than specified in the product details. For more information and any question about technical feasibility, contact the Customer Service Center in advance! Featured resources can be upgraded at anytime by online purchase, on customer service request or with special promotions. Available Top level Domains for FREE Inclusive Registrations are as follows: (com, net, org, info, biz, eu, de)Hosting of sexual content is not allowed without prior provider approval. Using our webservers for Spam, illegal contents, harassment or any illegal activities will result in service deactivation and further legal investigation. For all Hosting Plans we offer "Management Service": this includes the management of including features accessible through the respective control panel (e.g. setup of Domains and Email Accounts in the respective Control Panel). ProMail is an optional WebMail Interface for professional Email Management.


The Hosting Service will be setup after your order and invoiced for the entire contract period in advance. Domains will be registered after the invoiced amount has been settled. The fees for additional domains are calculated annually in advance and can not be refunded for early termination. The domain renewal will follow the domain procedure: 1 month before expiration of the domain you will receive a renewal information including the invoice for the next registration period. The renewal is automatically confirmed by the customer for the next period (Re-New) when the invoice is settled at least 2 weeks to the end of the term. Otherwise a cancellation for the domain and the accompanying return transfer to the registrar is unavoidable.





All prices quoted are final prices and include EU VAT depending on customer location within the EU. For customers based in Germany we do not charge the German sales tax, and consequently do not account it according to the § 19 UStG (German small-business regulation). The products and services described on this website do not represent a legally binding offer until full acceptance by us. For digital goods delivery follow through the Internet. Web Hosting, Domains and Web Design are subject to the respective conditions additional to the Terms of Service.


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