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File Drive in the Cloud with access to your data whenever you need... presents the ultimate File Disk as a virtual File Hosting Service in the Cloud. File Disk is your remote drive for files, images, documents, backups and whatever you want to store in the secure cloud. With this service you can access all your files from any devise, at any time through the Web and share with others. Get your File Disk Storage loaded with many additional features and benefit from great software support for Windows, Mac, OS X, Android and iOS...


Access your files and edit documents with any Internet connected devise or directly in your browser wherever you are without the need of additional software. Grant access to friends and family, team and group members or departments and branches all over the world and make files globally available without any need in establishing expensive network technologies or purchasing complete web hosting resources. Cloud Services are scalable according to your requirements with fixed cost per month.


File Disk not only replaces your local storages, it also synchronize all data in real-time background operation and protects your files from a crash on your local machine. But File Disk offers much more and comes with Bookmarks, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks Management to be an integral part of your daily life and contribute to an efficient work experience.


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(starting from € 5.75 per month²)    

File Disk Hosting Features:

  • Centralized data management in the Cloud

  • Isolated storage repositories

  • World wide accessible via Internet

  • File preview & direct document editing

  • File version history

  • Share files with others

  • Find Files by integrated Search function

  • Web Folder & Drive Mapping via FTP possible*

  • Full user control & activity log

  • Software client support for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS*

  • Browser based access interface

  • Bookmarks, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks


By leveraging's standards-based architecture, best practices and dedicated architecture we deliver Cloud File Disk plans as fully scalable solution. drives file hosting to a new level and it truly makes virtual drives just like your local storage. You can drag and drop files and folders, directly edit a remote file and save it, or map your cloud storage as a virtual network drive.



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*All unlimited features are subject to the Fair-Use Policy! All featured resources can be upgraded at anytime by online purchase, on customer service request or with special promotions. Using the Cloud Storage for Spam, Illegal Contents, Harassment or any illegal activities will result in service deactivation and further legal investigation. Cloud File Disk Packages are ready configured within the browser based administration software. Further service addons such as FTP Accounts for drive mapping are available on request. File Disk can be used with additional software for Windows, Mac or Apps for Mobile Access, which are available but not included in the package.




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