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Cloud Backup Storage plans to protect your data


Today, businesses, webmaster, webportals and indvidual website owners face an expanding set of data-protection challenges and regulatory data-retention requirements. backup storage in the cloud is designed to provide centralized, remote data protection that can help reduce the risks associated with data loss while also helping to reduce complexity, manage costs and address compliance with regulatory data retention requirements. is an industry leading provider of secure, reliable and comprehensive data protection storage in the cloud. By leveraging's standards-based network, best practices and dedicated architecture, backup services are able to scale your operations more securely. Cloud Backup Storage provides you with remote backup storage for your files, websites, scripts, databases or local data and can be used in affiliation with your existing hosting package at or any external webspace provider. To create backups and restore files you need to have at least a Hosting Control Panel which is supporting Backup Management features  (e.g. Confixx, Plesk, cPanel) or alternatively get the addon "Backup Solution" during purchase.


Subscribe to the most secure way of Remote Backup Storage in the Cloud, integrated with comfortable management options supported by our Easy Control Panel.


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Backup & Restore Solution (Addon)


The online backup and recovery solution has significant advantages and lets you create backups if your website for instance, in your remote storage, automated via cron or manually at any time. The software will handle everything for your and even lets you clone or copy a complete webspace from one host to another. It's the perfect addon for your remote storage especially if you do not have integrated backup and restore functionality in your webhosting plan.

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*All unlimited features are subject to the Fair-Use Policy; all featured resources can be upgraded at any time by online purchase, on customer service request or with special promotions; Using the Cloud Storage for website operation or as any accessible service, e.g. file sharing is not allowed. Illegal Content, Harassment or any fraud activities will result in service deactivation and further legal investigation. Cloud Backup Storage includes remote storage with FTP access and can be optionally extended with ready configured and pre-installed browser based Backup Solution (Software). Further service features such as FTP Accounts and Cron-Jobs can be requested at any time via Customer Service Center. Managed Service is offered within all Cloud Backup Plans and can be requested on demand for professional restores or changes in backup tasks.




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